Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Juried Maritime Art Show Coming to Mackinac Island

The Mackinac Arts Council will host a juried maritime art show for the month of July, 2012 at the Mackinac Island Public Library. Artists will be invited from across the country to exhibit their work in this show. Details for the two-dimensional show will be formulated this winter and posted here and on www.mackinacartscouncil.org.

Music in the Schools

Mackinac Island Music Teacher Heather May
performs flute with guitarist Roger Humphrey.
Each year, the Mackinac Arts Council provides a grant for a program called Music in the Schools Program at Mackinac Island Public School. This is very important to the vision of M.A.C and seeing such a positive comment from a student in the local newspaper warms our hearts. 

From the Mackinac Island Town Crier, "Collin Armstrong, a junior at Mackinac Island Public School, says music class definitely has broadened the horizon for the 10 students in grades eight through 12 who are taking the class as an elective. Without Heather May’s guidance, he noted, he would have missed out on the joy of being able to play the songs of his favorite artists and the fun of playing the guitar." This type of  direct recognition makes us know we are on the right path and it is why we do what we do.

For the full article, please click here: Mackinac Island Town Crier. If you don't have a subscription to the newspaper, we do recommend signing up to support our local newspaper.

Google +

Okay, so we are trying it out. The new Google + platform was created to compete with Facebook, but we are noticing it is really quite a bit different with the circles of friends option.  This may be a great way to communicate  about specific subjects, art forms, music...let us know what you think. Join us here.

What's Not to "Like" about the Mackinac Arts Council on Facebook?

Nothing at all! We've been enjoying connecting with everyone on our new Facebook page. Please "like us" here http://www.facebook.com/mackinacartscouncil. All of us are starting to think that Facebook is an amazing way to keep in touch across the miles and even across the street. Where is that landline again?


Kate Levy | Parade | Digital Photograph
The Mackinac Arts Council is dedicated to celebrating the creativity, boundless potential and value of every person. The board of directors with the support of the Mackinac Island community will ensure arts initiatives will grow and place Mackinac Island as a flourishing center for arts and culture in the Upper Midwest.

The Mackinac Arts Council is a 501c3 non-profit organization designated as Mackinac Island's non-profit arts agency. Now in its 9th year, the Arts Council serves and works in partnership with Mackinac State Historic Parks, the City of Mackinac Island, Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau, Great Turte Festivals, Mackinac Island Community Foundation and other community groups to meet the arts and cultural needs of the Mackinac Island community through a diversity of services and cultural programming.

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